These are the answers to some of the questions that are most asked of us about our Adult Truffles.

Hope this info helps you, our valued customer.

1.  Do you have a shop?

No.  We don't have a brick & mortar shop.

In our experience, if we operate a shop, then we will have many additional costs connected to offering the products that we have available for you.  These include all of the overhead involved (mortgage or rent, utilities, additional insurance, staff salaries, etc., etc., etc. ) Unfortunately, that will, in turn, create the need to raise our prices to you.  Since that doesn't sit so well with us,  we've chosen not to have our own shop.

The truth is, with the feedback of our customers, we've found that today's customers love to just go online, text or give a call and enjoy the ease & convenience of having their products delivered directly to them or to a friend or family member.  Since our business is founded in delivery and customer satisfaction, this fits perfectly with us, too.

2.  If you don't have a shop, how can we find your products?

We work at making it very easy to find us.  This is our #1 home, our website, If there's something that you're interested in having us make for you or that you just cannot locate on our site, please feel free to contact us directly. OR 216-941-7643 

We also have our events listed on our Facebook Business page Please 'like' and 'follow' us on Facebook @thebomparties  on Instagram @thebomparties & on Twitter @_TheBomParties

3.  Will your Adult Truffles get me drunk? 

No.  We follow the guidelines set by Ohio Law.  These are not the kind of chocolates that have a liquid center, filled with alcohol. You will find no liquid alcohol in our chocolates. We mix a very small amount of alcohol with our dry ingredients to make our Adult Truffles.  Our intent is to flavor our yummy truffles, not at all to get anyone inebriated.   

4.  Do I need to be 21 to buy your truffles?  

Yes.  Since we flavor our Adult Chocolate Truffles with actual alcohol such as Kahlua, Baileys, wine, etc., you must be 21 years of age or older to purchase our Adult Chocolate Truffles or any of our products, flavored with alcohol. Yes, we do check for ID. Thank you.

5.  What is the shelf life of your truffles?

We've had them tested at a shelf life of up to 3 months.  They simply dry out over time.  Most times, they're eaten within the our so storing them doesn't become part of the conversation!

You may choose to freeze them which will make them last longer.  Our suggestion is to bring them back up to room temperature for serving. Chocolate is typically best served at room temperature, like cheese. 

But,  as I say that, and I know how amazing a crunchy frozen treat can taste out of the freezer, especially in the summer!

So, ultimately, it's all up to you as to how you like to enjoy your chocolate goodness! 

6.  How do your Chocolate Truffle Making Parties work?

For Private Parties:

We schedule 2 hours for our parties.  It only takes about 45 min. to actually make the truffles but this allows for late arrivals, eating, drinking, socializing, etc.  People often stay at the party long after we leave.

Our minimum number of guests is usually 8, fewer than that & they may choose to attend one of our public parties. We've had up to 200 in our parties.

Each guest works on a 12" x 12" piece of parchment so that's the amount of space needed for each guest. 

Each guest brings 1/4 cup of liquid that he/she would like to use to flavor the truffles.  This can be any kind of alcohol. If you like, truffles can be made alcohol free.  Any kind of juice, soda, coffee or tea may be used for alcohol free truffles.  

This is a no cook, no bake method of truffle making so there's no need to have everyone in the kitchen. All that we need is a place to plug in our chocolate melters (counter, buffet, etc.) After the chocolate is melted, we lift the silicone pots of chocolate out of the melters & take them to the table for the guests. 

We book parties 7 days per week.  Feel free to check out the links to our current parties on our website. Just press the tab for 'Shop' to find our current parties, both public & private.

Just let us know what day & time period you'd like to reserve & we'll design & email a link that you may share with your guests. They may either hop on the link to pay for their spot at your party or they may simply call me at 216--941-7643 to use a credit card.  

For Public Parties:

The same info applies as above, with a few exceptions.... 

1.  Our public parties are typically held in a venue that sells alcohol. Out of courtesy, our guests obtain the alcohol or beverage to flavor their Chocolate Truffles from the venue that is hosting the event.  Our guests do not bring in their own alcohol.

2.  Typically, both the venue and we work together to let everyone know about the fun public experience being offered. Because of that, we design & email a flier to the venue with a QR code so that guests with a smart phone may either scan & pay for their spot at the party with ease OR they may simply give us a call to register with us. 

We also make a link to our Facebook Business 'Event' page, making our collaborative venue a co-host so that they may also share the joy!

Sometimes, the venue adds a fee onto our ticket cost. This often pays for a complimentary beverage and/or food for each guest, offered by the venue.  Before we leave the party, on the night of our event, we settle up financially with the venue.