Become an Affiliate for The Bom

Become an Affiliate for The Bom

The process....How to become an Affiliate with The Bom Parties!

1.  Our first opportunity is for you to become a Bom Affiliate as a Lead Generator.  

Simply generate a Qualified Lead by sending us the name and contact info for people interested in booking a party!

We will pay you 10% of the party total, after it takes place. For example, if your lead books & hosts a party for 10 people at $30.00/pp, you will receive $30.00, simply for sharing that Qualified Lead with us! It's as easy as that, from the comfort of your cozy home and favorite chair!

Fill out the form to be an Affiliate at the footer of the Website or click the link here and we will contact you soon.

2. Our second opportunity is for you to become a Bom Representative that facilitates our Truffle Making Parties on your own. 

I.  Our Reps schedule & deliver Chocolate Truffle Making Parties to people in various cities & states, within the U.S.A.

As one of our Reps and a member of The Bom Family, you will take the party to the Host/Hostess & the party guests! You'll have fun at the party as you guide the Host/Hostess of the party & his/her guests in making the truffles. The participants add their favorite type of liquid to the truffles to flavor them.  For kid's parties, they add juice or soda.  For participants over 21, they may add their favorite kind of alcohol to the truffles for flavor (Kahlua, Baileys, wine, etc.)  Each guest & Hostess brings his/her own liquid, 1/4 cup/person is all that's needed.  The Rep never brings the liquid for the truffles.  That's not allowed by law. Each guest makes approximately 20 truffles, depending on how large or small they make them and on how many they eat along the way!  The process is so easy that our 6 year old grandson easily makes his own, using orange juice & sometimes apple cider!

II.  As one of our Reps, you'll receive your own email for The Bom. You may order marketing materials though our website. Equipment & ingredients needed for your parties are also available at special discounts for you from our online shop.

 III.  This is a great way to enjoy making additional income!  How does it work?

For each party that you book, just email us the info about the party (date, time host/hostess name) We never publish anybody's address so that uninvited guests do not arrive. The guests speak with the Host/Hostess so they know where to go for the party.

We send you a link for your party which you share with the Host/Hostess.  The Host/Hostess then shares that link with their guests.  Each guest then clicks on the link to pay for & reserve a space at the party. The standard cost per guest is $30.00/person. It's as easy as that! 

At the party, the Rep has everyone complete a mini survey.  From this our Reps find out who is interested in having another party. The Rep emails/texts a picture to us of the survey which is completed by the Host/Hostess.  After we receive the survey and photos from the party, the Rep's account is credited with 40% commission.  For example, a party with 10 paid guests will generate a commission to the Rep of $120.00.

Rep commissions are paid monthly.  Shipping charges are subtracted from commissions.

Please feel free to call us directly with any questions. 216.941.7643.

I’m interested in hearing your thoughts.


Carolina Martin, M.Ed., Founderhost and hop on skype or facebook live to walk you through the party. 

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