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With each kit, you can make approximately 20 truffles, depending on size of truffles and how many you eat along the way!

This kit is the perfect gift for children. Only 1/4 cup of juice will be needed (orange, apple, grape, coconut, etc.) My 7 and 9 year old grandchildren love to make these with me! The results are amazing and make children so proud of their work!

This kit also makes the perfect gift for that adult in your life that loves to dabble in the creation of yummy foods! With each kit, individuals over 21 may add their own favorite liquor or wine. Only 1/4 cup of alcohol will be needed.  Chocolate and alcohol make the perfect marriage when talking about delicious desserts!

Each kit includes 
Step by Step Instructions, 1 Bag of Chocolate, 1 Truffle Dipping Fork, 1 Measuring Spoon, 1 Square of Parchment Paper, 1 Bag of Dry Truffle Making Mix, 1 Pair of Vinyl Gloves

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Truffle shelf life is estimated at two months, they dry out over time. 

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